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Supermama Nursing Tea 5+1 packs
Fenugreek Seed(increase Breast Milk)
For breastfeeding mom, daily drinks!
Product No.: AF0200009
HK$ 574.00
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Fenugreek Seed(increase Breast Milk)

What is Fenugreek?
Fenugreek, Trigonella foenum-graecum L., is an erect annual herb native to southern Europe and Asia. Undoubtedly one of the oldest cultivated medicinal plants, fenugreek is widely grown today in the Mediterranean countries, Argentina, France, India, North Africa, and the United States as a food, condiment, medicinal, dye, and forage plant (11.1-128). The plant reaches a height of 0.3 to 0.8 meters and has trifoliate leaves. White flowers appear in early summer and develop into long, slender, yellow-brown pods containing the brown seeds of fenugreek commerce.

Fenugreek and Breastfeeding 
Fenugreek seeds contain hormone precursors that increase milk supply. Scientists do not know for sure how this happens. Some believe it is possible because breasts are modified sweat glands, and fenugreek stimulates sweat production. It has been found that fenugreek can increase a nursing mother's milk supply within 24 to 72 hours after first taking the herb. Once an adequate level of milk production is reached, most women can discontinue the fenugreek and maintain the milk supply with adequate breast stimulation. Many women today take fenugreek in a pill form (ground seeds placed in capsules). The pills can be found at most vitamin and nutrition stores and at many supermarkets and natural foods stores. Fenugreek can also be taken in tea form, although tea is believed to be less potent than the pills and the tea comes with a bitter taste that can be hard to stomach. Fenugreek is not right for everyone. The herb has caused aggravated asthma symptoms in some women and has lowered blood glucose levels in some women with diabetes


Fenugreek is considered safe for nursing moms when used in moderation and is on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's GRAS list (Generally Recognized As Safe). As with most medications and herbs, various side effects have been noted; see the potential side effects and safety information below.

Per Thomas Hale PhD, Medications and Mothers Milk 2012 ,"The transfer of fenugreek into milk is unknown, but untoward effects have not been reported." Hale classifies it in Lactation Risk Category L3 (moderately safe).


Potential Side Effects

   Sweat and urine smells like maple syrup (this is common and often a sign that you have reached the right dose)

   Loose stools in some women, which go away when fenugreek is discontinued

   Hypoglycemia in some mothers

   Can cause uterine contractions - do NOT use if you're pregnant

   Diabetic mothers should use caution with fenugreek since it can cause lowering of blood glucose levels.

Potential causes of low milk supply

These things can cause or contribute to a low milk supply:

  • Supplementing. breastfeeding or nursing's a supply &demand process. Milk is produced as your baby nurses, & the amount that he or she nurses lets your body know how much milk is needed. Every bottle that your baby gets means that your body gets the signal to produce that much less milk.

  • Pacifiers. Pacifier can affect your baby’s latch. They can also significantly reduce the amount of time your baby spends at the breasts, which may cause your milk supply to go down.

  • Scheduled feedings interfere with the supply & demand of milk production & can cause a reduced supply, sometimes months later rather than instantly. Nurse your baby whenever he or she is hungry.

  • Sleepy baby. For the 1st few weeks, some babies are very sleepy & only need to breasfeed infrequently for shorter periods. When your baby wakes up and begins to breast feed well, nursing your baby at least every 2-hours during the daytime and at least every 4hours nightly to establish your milk supply.

  • Stopping feeding before your baby ends the feeding herself can interact with the supply and demand cycle. Additionally your milk-increases in fat content later into a feeding, which helps baby gain weight and last longer between feedings.

  • Offering only one breast per feeding. This is fine if your milk supply is well-established and baby is gaining weight healthily. If you’re trying to increase your milk supply, let baby finish the first side, and then only offer the other side.

  • Health issues with baby (including, jaundice and so on) can prevent baby from removing milk sufficiently from the breasts, thus lowering the milk supply.

  • Mom’s health (low blood,anemia or hypothyroidism, retained placenta, postpartum hemorrhag), previous breast surgery, hormone probs (such as PCOS), med she's taking & smoking also have the influence to affect milk production.


Increasing your milk supply using lactation natural teas

Milk production again, is a demand & supply process. If you need to increase milk supply, it’s important to understand how milk is being made internally. Understanding this will help you to do the right things to increase milk supply naturally.

To boost up milk production and improve milk supply, the key is this-remove more milk from the breast & do this often so that less milk accumulates in the breast between feeding. Supplementing with natural and organic teas that help mothers milk production like these helps tremendously too.


喝法1. 即沖即飲,方便隨身攜帶

喝法2. 加入魚湯內,增添風味





Product info
100% Pure Natural
Made in Taiwan

Natural herbal flavor, pleasant fragrance, non-added sugar, non caffeine, hot or cold drink would be fine. Suit for everyone, each day take 2-3 tea bags.

Serving Per contains
2g X 20 tea bags

Supplement Facts Each tea bag Contains
Fennel, Caraway seeds, Fenugreek seeds, lemon verbena and other herbs.

Daily recommended
.one tea bag can pour on 200~350c.c hot water and leaves two times at least. (according to personal favour)
.This tea bag qualified for post-pregnancy and daily care for women.
.Normally take 2~3 tea bags as daily drinks. To increase quantity, can take for 3~6 tea bags.
.Not for pregnant or blocked ducts women.
.Please follow the use recommended, taking more does not help.
.Discontinue use and consult the doctor or physician if any adverse reactions occur.
.This product is sources of natural, if there is spots or color on the packaging are natural phenomena, please relieved to eat.
.Do not eat if product packaging is damaged.
Storage instructions 
Please keep tightly closed in cool place, and away from light and out of reach of children after opening.

This Product was added to our catalog on Monday, 06. December 2010.

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