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Supermama® MOMILK Fenugreek Seed capsules


Increase Your Breast Milk Supply Using Herbs And Natural Remedies

Product No.: A4715447370123
HK$ 257.00
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Supermama® MOMILK Fenugreek Seed capsules 


.Modern breastfeeding mothers always feel stressful,

.After delivery, Momilk can use as health care products to help Mummy milk, maintain mothers milk.

.This product is suitable for weight explosion or living habits changes, and stress or other factors lead to insufficient milk lactating women.

.Increase milk products are usually effective in 1-2 days, and most people can feel significantly.

.Recommended with Supermama Lecithin 1200mg Soft Capsule and Supermama Nursing Tea to drink.

.With natural ingredients, to enhance breastfeeding mommy's milk, also make milk's quality better.

.Using a variety of natural ingredients to increase breast milk, including Trigonella foenum-graecum, motherwort, fennel, star anise.

【Product info】

 100% Pure natural

【Servings Per Container 】

 Presentation 60 capsules

【Supplement Facts 】Each capsule Contain

Fenugreek seed extract powder, motherwort extract powder, holy thistle extract powder (happiness thistle), cumin extract powder, yam extract, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin (pig origin), water, titanium dioxide, red food coloring VI.

【Other Ingredient】

 Fenugreek Seed, Motherwort, Blessed thistle, Fennel, Dioscorea opposita, gelatin (porcine sources).

【Daily recommended】

 After meal take 2~3 capsules with 300cc water.


.If you are pregnant, Mastitis and plugged ducts, please don't eat. 

.Please follow the use recommended, taking more does not help.

.Discontinue use and consult doctor or physician if any adverse reactions occur.

.This product is sources of natural, if there is spots or color on the capsule are natural phenomena, please relieved to eat.

.Do not eat if product packaging is damaged.

【Storage instructions】

 After opening, please keep tightly closed in refrigerator or other cool place, and away from light and out of reach of children.




This Product was added to our catalog on Friday, 28. January 2011.

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